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Steven Johnson Cars Welcomes Screan On The Block

The dynamic world of automobiles has a fresh face that could redefine the way we approach used car acquisitions. Launched by CEO Mike Schlebach in 2022, Screan is poised to address the typical uncertainties linked with buying second-hand vehicles. 

While some dealerships might see Screan as a little bit of a threat, Steven Johnson Cars believes it to be a valued addition, perfectly matching our dedication to excellence and openness.

What Screan Brings to the Table:

At its core, Screan offers on-location evaluations done by skilled mechanics. These experts scrupulously examine a car’s mechanical, electrical, and aesthetic features, armed with a thorough 150-point checklist. The ensuing digital documentation, enriched with photographs and video recordings, provides pivotal details on the vehicle’s status to both buyers and sellers.

Steven Johnson Cars’ Steadfast Devotion:

At Steven Johnson Cars, we recognize the unease frequently tied to obtaining a used vehicle. Hence, Screan’s role in making this endeavour more discernible and safeguarded excites us. Our conviction remains that every individual has the right to feel secure when investing in a car, and Screan’s offerings are in harmony with this sentiment.

Boosting Assurance Across the Spectrum:

While we hold immense trust in our detailed and transparent Steven Johnson evaluation system, we appreciate the merits of dealerships opting for Screan. Choosing such a scrutiny before advertising their vehicles, sellers exhibit their sincerity, indicating that their cars are top-notch. This philosophy perfectly meshes with Steven Johnson Cars’ principles, given our thorough inspection on all our cars prior to resale.

The Guarantee of Steven Johnson Cars: 

A hallmark of Steven Johnson Cars is our unwavering focus on quality. Our checking scrutiny underscores our intent to make certain every car we put up for sale is of unparalleled standards. This stringent verification addresses mechanical, electrical, and aesthetic areas, granting customers confidence and serenity in their acquisitions.

Aligning Screan’s Proposals with Steven Johnson’s Mastery: 

Not only catering to individual clientele, Screan’s provision also encompasses dealerships. Their exhaustive 120-point rundown for dealership pre-owned car evaluations ensures all facets receive proper attention. This meticulousness strikes a chord with Steven Johnson Cars’ modus operandi, where impeccable quality is a given.

Wrapping up, Steven Johnson Cars is thrilled to have Screan as an esteemed collaborator in the car arena. Their devotion to clarity and exhaustive assessments mirrors our aspiration to bestow clients with the assurance they merit in used car acquisitions. Looking forward to an era where every second-hand car transaction exudes trust and knowledge.

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12 October 2023

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