WRITE-UP: 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC

What is the Mercedes Benz GLC 300d? In addition to its presence in a successful niche segment, compared to other family members with ‘AMG’ in their name, the GLC is a more reserved yet attractive option, particularly in the AMG Line trim. Its 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine offers both efficiency and power, making it a strong competitor against the BMW X4, and potentially Audi’s Sportback Coupe. The GLC offers two diesel engine options and one petrol option, with the 180kW senior diesel engine being the focus of this review. Want to know what it feels like?

The Benz is a modern car, with most new features added to the cabin, except for the slightly older climate control switches. The 10.25” infotainment screen is available, and the passenger can operate functions through the touchpad. The car also has ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control, which is quick and intuitive. However, the boot space is smaller compared to the GLC SUV, but still offers 500-litres of loading space. The load space is shallow with the cover in use, but there is spare space under the floorboards for small items, including the spare tire or tire repair kit.

At the time this original source article was written, the Top Gear SA team took the GLC300d on a 2,000km road trip from Johannesburg to Dokodweni’s beaches, then through the Drakensberg hills and back to Johannesburg. The road conditions varied, including freeways with speed cameras, stop-go traffic due to roadworks, gravel roads, and beautiful asphalt ribbons in the mountain passes. They reported that, despite the 20-inch wheels in the AMG-Line package, the ride was not as bad as expected, and the car handled bends and rough tarmac confidently. The GLC300d’s 9G-Tronic transmission behaved excellent for cruising and fuel-efficient, with a 5.8l/100km economy figure on our trip. However, sport mode did not handle as comfortably, with some delay between engine and transmission.

Considering the GLC300d for its attractive Coupé-SUV look? While practicality isn’t a top priority, the GLC still impresses in this segment. With good rear adult occupancy and a surprisingly comfortable and easy loading backseat, it’s worthy of passing the family test. The boot space is also better than many good-sized sedans, and local data company True Price reports high scores for the GLC’s resale value.
Of course, there are other options to consider. The BMW X4 range is different in styling and drivetrain, with either much less or much more power thanks to the M40d. If performance is a priority, the GLC’s AMG-siblings are also worth considering.

The GLC is a typical Merc in terms of performance. The 300d version is powerful and with standard 4MATIC suspension, it can go many places with ease. However, it excels primarily in terms of styling, which is what sets it apart. Although there are equally capable competitors out there, if you are sold on its design, the GLC is probably the better looking option. This will undoubtedly lead to fewer arguments.

We give attribution to this article from the original source: Top Gear South Africa

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